Beginner’s Mind Zen Center
   northridge, california

You are welcome here at the Beginner’s Mind Zen Center, a neighborhood zendo in Northridge, California!

It does not matter whether you're interested in learning Zen meditation or have practiced it for years. We offer zazen (meditation) instruction, discussion, and daily practice with Jane and Peter Schneider, experienced Zen Priests in the Shunryu Suzuki-roshi lineage of Soto Zen Buddhism.

We are now online via Zoom!

Our login info is as follows:
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395 617 4507
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(scroll down to see our Daily Schedule)
Sat Apr 04
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
(schedule forthcoming) | zoom attendance fees
Sat Apr 11
12:30 PM
Buddha’s Birthday
(schedule forthcoming) | zoom attendance fees
For dates and times of Meditation Retreats
(Zazenkai and Sesshin), Special Events, and Holidays this year,
please download our 2020 Schedule (Microsoft Word file)

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Our Daily Schedule features days and times we gather for meditation, Buddhist practice, and discussion.
MON 6:30–7:30 AM 1 hour (40 minutes of zazen + service)
TUE 7:00–8:00 PM 1 hour (40 minutes of zazen + discussion)
WED 6:30–7:30 AM 1 hour (40 minutes of zazen + service)
THU 7:00–8:00 PM 1 hour (40 minutes of zazen + discussion)
FRI 7:30–9:15 PM Zen Book Club* (1 hour 45 minutes of reading and discussion of key Buddhist texts)
SAT 10:30 AM–
12:30 PM
2 hours or less (30 minutes of zazen + 10 minutes of kinhin + Dharma talk + service)
SUN Closed, except for Sesshin and Zazenkai retreats
* The Zen Book Club does not meet when a Zazenkai or Sesshin retreat is scheduled for the following day


In her most recent dharma talk, Jane discusses Body and Mind (07 October 2019).
In his most recent talk, Peter explored Grasping and Delusion (08 October 2019).

For even more dharma talks, please use the "dharma talks" link in our right-hand menu. You can listen to talks online, download them (right-click...), or share them via social media or email.

Beginner's Mind Zen Center is affiliated with the San Francisco Zen Center, the Soto Zen Buddhist Association, and the American Zen Teachers Association.

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2020 schedule
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