Beginner's Mind Zen Center
   northridge, california

zazen lessons at beginner's mind

zazen: sitting meditation

If you want to learn how to practice
zazen (the Zen form of meditation), contact us for a lesson. It is easy to learn the basics.

Lessons are offered most Saturday mornings at 9:30 (before Saturday zazen) and include an opportunity to speak with one of our teachers, Peter or Jane.

The lessons cover why we sit; the different ways of sitting (on cushions, in chairs); postures (from seiza - kneeling - through Burmese and quarter-Lotus through to full-Lotus); the breath; and dealing with thoughts and emotions that arise.

There is a suggested donation of $10, with discounts for groups.

To make an appointment for a lesson, please contact Beginners Mind by calling (818) 349-7708, sending email
to zazenlesson@ or RSVP for the Saturday "Zazen Meditation Instruction" event in our Meetup Group.

Or you can start now here: Just click and read
how to sit.